PoRiver-LOGO-Web-LargeThe Po River Medical Clinic provides quality medical care to one of the worlds most disadvantaged and remote communities.

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In the entire Lower Yarnee District, there is not one single drivable road


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  • James Flanjay

    I’m too happy about the clinic! People used to die on the sea in canoes trying to reach distant medical facilities. Now we are proud to have a great clinic right in our own community to help us.

    James Flanjay
  • Mary Bai

    Thanks to the clinic, babies are being delivered in a safe environment for the first time in the history of the district!

    Mary Bai
  • Sam Sawah

    The Po River Medical Clinic secures LIFE in many ways… Life for the patient; Life for the staff and all those working for the clinic; Life in the name of Jesus!

    Sam Sawah