Comfort – Lab Manager

Comfort grew up in the Yarnee District, not too far from the Pillar of Fire Mission.  When she was 5 years old her eldest brother took her to Buchanan to enroll her in school.  He got a lot of pushback from the family who said that it was a waste of money to educate a girl but was undeterred in his desire to help Comfort toward a better future.  Comfort excelled in her studies and was put on academic scholarship.  Her family had to flee the area during the war but she felt called to come back.  She worked at the county hospital for 15 years as a lab assistant.  She says, “Too many people are sent to Rivercess to work, but this is not their home.  Once they complete their contract they just leave.  I want to be here to work and help my people.”  She was vital to helping set up the Po River Clinic lab.  The clinic supporting her efforts in earning her lab technician degree from a university in Monrovia.  She is excited to be back in the Po River Clinic lab utilizing more advanced lab techniques including cultures and gram stain, platelet counting, and diagnosis of Sickle Cell.