About the PRMC

Steve and Jen Butwill launched the Po River Medical Clinic (PRMC) in 2013. The clinic is located in the Yarnee District of River Cess County, Liberia and its mission is to provide quality medical care to the people living in the region. As followers of Jesus Christ, Steve and Jen are intentional about sharing the Gospel and their faith.

There are approximately 6,000 people living in the Lower Yarnee District and no other medical facilities, besides the PRMC. Primary care is focused on conditions such as: Malaria, diarrheal diseases, respiratory infections, skin infections, intestinal worms, injuries/trauma, malnutrition and maternal/child health. We are also working alongside other organizations to provide clean water and sanitation.

The clinic is operated entirely through donated funds. Funds are obtained from family, friends, private supporters, and corporate giving. We are also looking to further the clinic’s sustainability through grants and strategic partnerships. They are being sent out by their home church, Zarephath Christian Church. All donations to the clinic are tax-deductible through a partnership with Commission To Every Nation (CTEN). CTEN is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS.

The PRMC is situated on Pillar of Fire International mission property where both a church and a school have been serving the area since 1960. Renovations to a previously existing building on the mission site were completed in 2013.  The clinic building houses the waiting room, exam room, delivery room, pre/post-partum room, overnight patient room, dispensary, pharmacy, and a fully equipped lab.  Solar energy provides the clinic power 24-hours a day!

Steve and Jen serve in the clinic full time. Steve, an engineer, fulfills the role of clinic director while Jen, an Advanced Practice Nurse (APNC), is responsible for providing direct patient care.  In addition, Steve and Jen have also hired nurse midwives, lab manager/technician, lab assistant, vaccinator, nurse assistant, dispenser, registrar, security team, and housekeepers.   Not only is the clinic providing the people of the Yarnee District with medical care, but it is also pouring back into the community by providing employment and job training.

The PRMC is committed to fiscal transparency and regional sustainability. A core goal of the clinic will be to focus on sustainability and how the clinic can drive development in the region and the development of a succession plan for turning the clinic over to be financed, operated and staffed by Liberians.

Thank you for your support and God Bless,

Steve and Jen Butwill

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