Samuel – Lab Assistant

Sam was born and raised a mile from the Pillar of Fire Mission.  He walked everyday to the mission to attend school.  Since the time he was a boy he always wanted to become a councilor to help and motivate people.  He gravitated toward situations where he could encourage others in times of need.  During the war he escaped to Buchanan on the ocean in a canoe.  It was especially hard to come by food in the city and he became so hungry that he left Buchanan to return to Rivercess.  When he reached Rivercess he was captured by rebels and brought to the building that is today the home of the Po River Clinic.  The rebels were using the building along with the other buildings on the Pillar of Fire Mission as their local base.  They forced him to enlist in the rebel army but that night he escaped into the bush and traveled back to Buchanan where he remained for the duration of the war. When he was finally able to return home he enrolled in school and graduated high school in 2011.  He was considering different job options when the opportunity to train as a Lab Assistant became available at the Po River Clinic.  He was awarded the position and very quickly learned the skills needed to run the lab.  He enjoys working at the clinic and regularly councils patients and families in the community regarding good healthcare practices.