Jacob – Nurse Aide

Jacob was one of the first people to apply for a position at the clinic and comes with an extensive health-care background.  As a Nurse Aide, Jacob had been working at various hospitals and clinics before the war.  During the war work in the city was difficult to find so he decided to travel to Sinoe County to be with his parents.  The journey to see is parents took him through rebel territory where he suffered multiple beatings, had all his clothes stolen right off his back, and was forced by rebels to bury the dead.  He was successful in reaching his parents and helping to watch over them and keep them safe throughout the duration of the war.  Before coming to work at the Po River Clinic he spent time living in the Yarnee District volunteering his skills to the people in his community.  Jacob was in charge of the clinic triage during the time of Ebola in Liberia.  He was courageous in his role as gate keeper to ensure the safety of patients and clinic staff.