Frances – Trained Traditional Midwife

Frances grew up on a Christian mission in Sinoe County.  Her father was both the site pastor and mission director.  She was a talented singer and loved traveling with her father around the country to different church conventions.  There she would get to sing new songs and learn songs in different tribal languages.  Her favorites were Kru hymns.  In 1984 she started her studies to become a trained traditional midwifery.  After successfully completing the course, she was employed by a private logging company to run the delivery department of their on-site clinic for workers and their families.  She worked at the logging camp clinic in Sinoe until the war broke out and she had to flee to near-by Greenville.  There she earned enough to feed herself by boiling seawater and selling salt.  In 1992 she traveled to Monrovia where she worked in another clinic for a number of years before returning to Sinoe County to search for her children.  After the war she married John Tequah. She originally met John while she was living on the mission in Sinoe.  John would often captain a boat over the sea transporting people between the Pillar of Fire Mission and her mission site.  After they were married and she moved to the Pillar of Fire Mission, John set up a delivery area for her to help the women in the area with safe deliveries.  It was a prayer come true when the Po River Clinic opened and brought her onto the delivery team to work under Diana and continue to serve the community.