Commission To Every Nation

What is CTEN?

CTEN is a servant organization which helps missionaries fulfill the unique vision God has given them. CTEN partners with the missionary’s home church to send them to the field. Then, through administrative support CTEN gets funds to the missionary, provides accountability, counsel and helps the missionary remain on the field. Through pastoral care CTEN helps them remain effective and healthy while there.

Commission To Every Nation is a recognized 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. CTEN issues tax-deductible receipts for all donations processed.

Missionaries Serving Missionaries

Most of CTEN’s home staff raise their own support just as each CTEN Field Missionary does. This allows CTEN to keep overhead to a bare minimum and the vast majority of each donor’s contribution to reach the intended missionary and project.

Pastoral Care

A core value of CTEN is caring for God’s most valued resource, His people. A Pastoral Care couple personally stays in touch with each missionary from the time of their application, throughout their time on the field and through re-entry to the home culture if the missionary leaves the field. This pastoral care couple works with the missionary’s sending church to provide counsel, prayer, support and regular onsite visits to the

How CTEN missionaries are “paid”?

Like most of its support staff, CTEN missionaries are dependent upon the faithfulness of the Lord and His people for their financial support. Friends, family, churches and others who believe in the work of the missionary send their contributions to CTEN. These contributions can be large or small, sent monthly or periodically. Each missionary is dependent upon your help to fund and continue their ministry.

How does CTEN afford to operate?

A co-laboring percentage is prayerfully determined individually by each missionary enabling CTEN to continue to serve them.

More Information

CTEN’s statement of faith, audited financial statements and more is available online at:

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