New L&D Room Open For Business

This week, the clinic finished their new delivery room. This addition was well overdue, but definitely worth the wait! Before the new room, deliveries were done in one of the smaller rooms that was also used as a secondary exam room. The old delivery bed was rusting despite the multiple paint jobs. The darkness of the room made it difficult to see what was going on. Even before this room, the deliveries were done in a storage room. The room was detached from the rest of the clinic, it had poor lighting and a tile floor. Many night deliveries were done using flash lights and head lamps. Regardless of the quality of these two rooms, it was still a million times better than having the baby at home on a dirt floor. The new delivery room is much bigger and is well lit with ample light coming in from the two windows. We also replaced the delivery bed with an updated one, complete with leg stirrups and an IV pole to make deliveries a little bit more comfortable. A septic tank has also been put in place for the installment of a sink, which will be extremely beneficial for all upcoming deliveries. It is going to be a great place for the futures deliveries.

In fact, the next day, the new room housed its first delivery. The mother was in labor for many long hours. The room worked perfectly for the delivery of a healthy baby boy. Everyone that helped take part in process, actually fit comfortably in the room. The old room will be used as an additional patient room. We added three beds in case a patient needs to stay the night for any reason. We are all really thankful for the new room, and that it was completed in the time that it did. Within the next few days, the room saw two more deliveries, all mothers and babies are doing well!!!

Kasey (the intern)