A Mission to Help Everyone

The Pillar of Fire Mission site is a place of many talents. The site provides so many different things, as well as bringing together a community.

In the heart of the mission runs the Po River Medical Clinic. This clinic provides medicine and basic medical attention for people miles around. This is very important because in a place like Liberia, it is very hard to get treatment, for anything, anywhere. The clinic also provides jobs for the community. Also, a very scarce thing to get here. For most people that are employed on the mission this is the only place or opportunity to get a steady income. Here the employees work hard to get the patients what they need.

Also, on the mission there is a school. The school runs from 8am to 1pm on the weekdays. Besides giving the kids an education (kindergarten through 9thgrade), they learn social skills, and they learn routines. School helps them build a structure that they probably would not get at home.

The saying, “It takes a village.” Is very true in this case. In fact, this place was built by the community. It did not take just one person to make all of this happen. Each employee, each patient, each student, they all helped to make this place what is. Everyone is very grateful to be a part of the mission.

Kasey (the intern)