Baby Diana

Nancy, mother of 4, was pregnant for the 8th time. Back in February her bother, one of our security guards, sent us word of her condition. What made her pregnancy so significant was, Nancy cannot walk. Nancy contracted Polio as a toddler and it left her with paralysis to both legs. She has been wheelchair bound ever since. Nancy lives about 2 hours away from the clinic, through the swamp in a small, rural village. She gets around either using a wheelchair, or, when the terrain is not wheelchair friendly, by dragging herself along the ground. In order to reach the clinic for pre-natal check-ups her family had to carry her for 3 miles to the river, canoe up the Po River for about 40 minutes, then push her wheelchair though thick sand for another mile… and Nancy is, “no small woman.” Because this is such a strenuous trip on Nancy and her family, Diana, our midwife, made the 2-hour trek to see her at home.

Well, Nancy gave birth on May 4th! She made it to the clinic for her delivery, but 9 hours into her labor she started experiencing obstructed labor (i.e. the baby decided not to come out). Since she was at the clinic we were able to arrange for her transportation to the county hospital where, with a little help, she delivered a healthy baby girl! Mom and baby Diana (named after a our CM, Diana Kaye) are doing well and happy to be home.