Born on the Road

We’ve had 3 deliveries in the past 30 days that haven’t quite made it to the clinic. Sundayway lives in Doe’s Town, a village that’s about an 8-hour hike from the clinic… on a good day. Her labor pains started on a Monday morning, so she began her walk to the clinic. By nightfall Sundayway had reached John Browne Town. With it getting dark, and there being another 2-hour hike and a man-grove swamp (with crocodiles) between her and the clinic, she decided to stay in the town for the night. Early the next morning she and the town’s TTM (Traditionally Trained Midwife) set-out for the clinic.

During our morning devotion on Tuesday, word reached the clinic that a “big-belly” was in labor near the creek behind the mission and couldn’t make it to the clinic. After scrambling to throw instruments and towels in a bag, our midwife and dispenser (who is trained as a nurse aid) took off toward the delivery. About 30 minutes later they returned, mother and baby in tow. After all that walking she ended up delivering less than a mile from the clinic doors!