Yes, that’s right, the clinic is officially OPEN!!! A few short weeks and we’ve already seen trauma victims, active seizures, children with respiratory distress, plenty of big bellies (what they call pregnant women in Liberia), 4+ Malaria, and lots of worms.

On day one, our last two patients of the day were 6-month old twins who had been in a motorbike accident!  In the US I’d send them to the ER for a CT-Scan immediately.  But, here in the bush, there’s not even an X-Ray machine within a 6- hour journey.  So, you do what you can with what you know.  After a full head-toe exam all we found was a small scratch on the face of one of the twins.  20 hours after being thrown from a motorbike and these 6-month old twins were perfectly fine!  We cease to be amazed around here!

Thank you to all our family and friends, who, through prayers, volunteered time and financial commitments, have made this clinic a reality.  We couldn’t have done this without you!