Stranded at Sea

Sunday afternoon, as Steve and I were resting, all the kids came rushing past the house in a frenzy.  Steve decided to go check it out, just in case something cool happened… like a beached whale. As soon as he got out the door we heard that a canoe with 2 fishermen had capsized in the ocean.  Steve ran for the beach and dove in the water to reach the fishermen who were adrift about 300 yards off shore.

Turns out the fisherman had started out from the Po River early that morning.  Their canoe had struck a rock and capsized as they left the mouth of the river, entering the Atlantic.  They had been drifting throughout the morning and afternoon, clinging to their upside-down canoe, until someone from the mission finally spotted them.

Luckily the fishermen were ok, aside from being a little shaken. Men in two other canoes paddled out to help.  They were able to flip the canoe back over AND bail out all the water… all in the middle of the ocean!

Not only did Steve get to rescue 2 fishermen, but he saved a canoe too!  Plus, he got in a nice swim on a hot day. 🙂