Did you know Jen can do the worm?

I finally got my nursing license!!  After 6 weeks of going back and forth to the Liberian Board of Nursing I was officially able to practice!  For my first task as a newly licensed RN (there are no APNs in Liberia) I participated in a de-worming program for the girls of More Than Me.  More Than Me is an organization working to get girls off the streets in the worst slum in Liberia, West Point.  Many of these girls are orphans living in brothels, and were being exploited on a daily basis.  Now, 108 girls are in school and are being given a chance to succeed.  The de-worming program worked along side of another organization, Waves For Water, which distributed clean water filters for the More Than Me girls in the West Point area (each filter can clean one million gallons).  Po River Clinic donated de-worming medication and I was able to give each girl a treatment.  Apparently in some other countries its common practice for the kids to bring back their worm-infested stool to the clinic so the worms can be counted… not a practice I think I’ll be implementing here!!

-And, by the way, I really CAN do The Worm!