Brakes Being Applied

I always thought that moving someplace other than NYC where things move at a much slower pace would be relaxing… but it feels more like the car slammed on the brakes and we weren’t wearing a seat belt. Now that we are pealing our faces off the windshield we  are trying our best to adapt based on realistic expectation and a respect for the Liberian way of getting stuff done. We have put it in God’s hands as to how quickly progress occurs and have made a conscience effort to just enjoy some of the down time.

We got the opportunity to travel north into Bomi County and visit the Hayes Mission. It was a nice getaway and a beautiful setting with palm trees lining all the roads. They currently have about 75 kids in the school and during “sports time” on Friday, Jen taught them all how to play Red Rover. It was great to see her in such a great mood having fun with the kids. Then, later, after Jen took a shower Mrs Hayes made Jen change because her shorts were scandalously short, hahaha.

Last night we had a great dinner with some new friends and got the thrill of taking a motorbike taxi home. The roads here are crazy packed with traffic and there don’t seem to be too many rules. You end up in a lot of “chicken fight” situations and have to see who is going to break away first.

The food has been delicious. Jen likes the collard greens and I like the cassava greens best… and we both are nuts about the palm butter. We even had candied palm nuts today… I didn’t even know they existed. 🙂

All in all, we are doing very well but miss everyone back in the States a ton. Hoping and praying that you are all doing GREAT!