We Have Arrived. :)

Hot, Hot, Hot… The bandana around my head is the only thing keeping sweat from dripping onto the laptop. Our first week in Liberia has been exciting and filled with delicious food… palm butter, freshly caught red snapper, fried chicken and, yes, even some bacon!

We took an exhausting, 2-day journey to Po River in River Cess for the annual Pillar of Fire Convention and to see the progress on the clinic renovation. After a 5-hour dusty car ride, a canoe trip across the Cestos River and a motorcycle ride through the bush we were finally home… or at least in the place we will be calling home over the next few years. The clinic has a new roof, is wired for electricity, and has an awesomely cool oceanic breeze. Next steps are to put in tile flooring and install the doors and windows. During the Saturday night worship service two hundred Liberians prayed, out loud, at the same time over us… it was beautiful, amazing, and very powerful! We are continually excited about serving in the Name of Jesus and overwhelmed by the warm welcome.

We arrived back in Monrovia at 2AM Monday morning; held up “small small” due to a ruptured break line on our vehicle- but that’s why God invented E-brakes, right?

We have been settling in since being back in Monrovia. We picked up cell phones, a USB Internet stick, and opened a bank account. We are now working on our paperwork with the Office of Immigration and the Ministry of Health. All is moving forward, although progress tends to come slowly… at least compared to NYC standards!

Thank you for your prayers. We are enjoying our time here so far but it still feels like a vacation. We are wondering when it will sink in that this is our new home.