What’s up with our logo?

When I woke up back on a lazy June morning I didn’t think that I was a stone.

But then I went for a run on the canal path behind our house in New Jersey. I stopped at one point to admire how the surface of the canal was absolutely glassy smooth. So what does a guy do when they see a perfectly calm body of water… I picked up a stone and threw it high in the air. The rock hit the waters edge and sent ripples out. I watched in wonder as the ripples got bigger and bigger… I continued to wait and watch. Still going, the ripples made it all the way to the other side of the canal and eventually filled every area of the water that I could see.

It struck me that we are like stones. Just like my stone can affect the entire surface of the canal, my life can affect the entire surface of the places I work, learn and play. We are moving over to Liberia and although I don’t know what exact affect we will have I am now excited about the fact that ripples are sure to spread… I’m excited to be a stone in the hands of my Maker.